Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maid Work

Housework is not easy. Housework is even harder for a boy who grew up not having to do much of it, but being maid service is a large part of what we do. At one time, I was the only full time maid. However, Xiu has the same task and that's given me about half the workload. I'm kind of curious if Aaron will be getting cleaning chores as well. I kind of hope he does. I don't care if I'm wearing heels and he's allowed gym shoes. At least it would be less that I'd have to do. I won't complain too much, it's about a ten hour a week job, but I never liked cleaning up after myself too much--let alone others.

I had a really weird revelation today. I wore a skirt to class today, which I do 2 times a week. The thing that occurred to me was how big a deal it once was. Now, it was no different than any other day going to class. Oh well, I guess I've gotten used to some things. I'll try and keep the updates regular.