Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

It's been a very long time since I posted and I apologize for that. Frankly, until the wedding, I had been dressing far less and posting not at all. Mistress Susan had relaxed the femininity requirements on me. Things kind of changed with the wedding and of course now that I am in the unfortunately named "Sissy House" dresses and skirts have become a daily thing again. She's not nearly as strict with me as the other mistresses are with their gurls, but she doesn't like to be the soft touch so while I'm in the house I am back to a 24/7 female lifestyle. I was worried living with everybody, particularly Xiu, but we all do get along quite well and I guess we're some of the few people who can understand what we're going through. I will be trying to post more, but I can't make any promises.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I Don't Post

I don't know if you all realize this, but my situation is a bit different from the other sissies. You see, Mistress Susan was not part of this group nor was I. She only decided to put me into skirts when Jill wandered into her life and she saw how it worked up close and personal. I live with the other sissies, I do maid service, and I am put through my paces. Mistress Susan is very friendly with the other mistresses, but I'm slightly different from the rest of their stable and while the other mistresses correct things when they think I'm acting too boyish, they don't pressure me to blog much and Mistress Susan doesn't press me to do it too much either.

She did mention it this week though and truth be told, I don't hate blogging or anything. This picture terrifies me because I look very much like my niece who is 11. I don't really look that much like anybody in my family the way that Jill and Colleen do, but man I think if my family saw this picture they'd think it was my niece. I will try and post more. Susan and I are doing well now and I really don't have a ton of complaints.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maid Work

Housework is not easy. Housework is even harder for a boy who grew up not having to do much of it, but being maid service is a large part of what we do. At one time, I was the only full time maid. However, Xiu has the same task and that's given me about half the workload. I'm kind of curious if Aaron will be getting cleaning chores as well. I kind of hope he does. I don't care if I'm wearing heels and he's allowed gym shoes. At least it would be less that I'd have to do. I won't complain too much, it's about a ten hour a week job, but I never liked cleaning up after myself too much--let alone others.

I had a really weird revelation today. I wore a skirt to class today, which I do 2 times a week. The thing that occurred to me was how big a deal it once was. Now, it was no different than any other day going to class. Oh well, I guess I've gotten used to some things. I'll try and keep the updates regular.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To

The snow has melted thanks to some very warm weather last week, but we had some really nasty winter weather a few weeks back. This picture turned out really well despite the fact that a short skirt and high heels were really inappropriate for the weather. I am now working for Mistress Susan as a waitress and she said I've taken to it very well. I've gotten pretty good at being flirty without being put in a difficult situation.

My situation is a bit different than either Cindy or Jill's. Mistress Susan really doesn't have a great sexual attraction to seeing me dressed as a woman, but I think she enjoys the power over me of having me dress exactly how she wants. Our relationship is going strong, but I think it always has. We both did things in the past that hurt each other a lot, but we always seemed to wind up back together.

The wedding has me very nervous. Mistress Wendy has talked about really giving me very vibrant red hair. I don't know what shade she means, but I have always preferred being slightly red as opposed to neon red.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years

Well if you guessed the legs on the girls' homepage were mine, you were right. I had an OK time. It is still weird when Susan and I double date. The guy I was with was a gentleman who didn't get grabby at all. I found out only later that he knew I was a guy all along. It would have made the evening less nerve wracking as I had a really low cut dress and I was worried about wondering hands. There was a deep kiss at midnight as well as one when we said goodnight. Being kissed by a guy is weird. It was obviously something expected at midnight, but freshening up your lipstick and then seeing it on his lips is unsettling if you think of yourself as a straight guy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why I Was Running?

First, I have to say that those boots have about a 3 inch heel and it's a narrow heel. Even without heels, boots are made for walking, not for running. Still, I was blushing when it was pointed out to me exactly how feminine I looked from behind when running. I didn't have to run away. In fact, the guy at the deli really thought me kissing Santa for the camera was funny, but we were in a rather silly mood.

My sister knows about what's been going on now. She's always been really tight with Mistress Susan and while, I don't expect her to be like Colleen has been with Jill, her reaction wasn't sympathy or laughter. It was more like, "what a common sense solution to a guy with a roving eye". That's not what she said, but she seems happy with the arrangement as she's happy Mistress Susan and I are still together. She has made a few comments about me looking like one of my aunts and of course wanted to see me in a dress, which Mistress Susan arranged. My sister is at a different college and we don't see each other a ton and with Mistress Susan and I spending most of our breaks together, she won't be needed to keep an eye on me or anything, so it isn't a major change, but it was still a bit embarrassing for her to know.

I need to pick up a New Year's Eve dress, but I haven't really started looking. I'm supposed to pick up one and take it back to college with me. Mistress Susan suggested that we go shopping tomorrow as we're going to head back to school Wednesday night.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Posting

Wow! I was going to talk about Christmas, but I thought I'd talk about my last posting instead. It got a ton of responses and I noticed that they were extremely contradictory with each other. The ones that jumped out at me were the ones who were angry at Mistress Susan for the switcheroo she pulled on me for Thanksgiving. I did in fact arrive dressed male and found myself as the maid shortly after. It was not a huge party all told there were 8 of us, but I always find it interesting when the blog readers get more angry about something than I did. I think that's because I left off a few details.

Mistress Susan is close to her sister and as a result, her sister took a strong dislike to me because she knew of many occasions in the past I had been a pretty crummy boyfriend. I think it was important for Mistress Susan to show her sister just how much things had changed. Yeah, it was tough to be put in that situation. but hopefully it'll break the ice a little between her sister and me.