Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To

The snow has melted thanks to some very warm weather last week, but we had some really nasty winter weather a few weeks back. This picture turned out really well despite the fact that a short skirt and high heels were really inappropriate for the weather. I am now working for Mistress Susan as a waitress and she said I've taken to it very well. I've gotten pretty good at being flirty without being put in a difficult situation.

My situation is a bit different than either Cindy or Jill's. Mistress Susan really doesn't have a great sexual attraction to seeing me dressed as a woman, but I think she enjoys the power over me of having me dress exactly how she wants. Our relationship is going strong, but I think it always has. We both did things in the past that hurt each other a lot, but we always seemed to wind up back together.

The wedding has me very nervous. Mistress Wendy has talked about really giving me very vibrant red hair. I don't know what shade she means, but I have always preferred being slightly red as opposed to neon red.


  1. Tell her you would like to have an 'attractive' shade of red. Not something 'slutty', but something that that would attract a nice guy. Make that your goal, and I bet that Mistress would agree to help you succeed.

  2. Looking Like a woman, no way would i have guessed..


  3. You look great with red hair in the wallpaper photo.