Friday, August 13, 2010

My Name is Amber and I got Busted

I've kept up on the other blogs and I'm happy that the changes to me have been minor enough that my family hasn't noticed. I was also thankful to be far enough away from everybody that I didn't worry too much about the instructions that Ms. Susan gave me to always have a bra, panties, and pantyhose on and my toes painted and to stay cleanly shaven the whole time I'm home. She told me she'd make exceptions if I called her.

Maybe she got suspicious when I never asked for permission to disobey the dress code. Maybe I just underestimate the lengths my mistresses would go to in order to ensure 100% obedience. However, I received an afternoon visit from Amanda and Heather. They drove for over an hour to see that I was dressed appropriately. I wasn't. I assumed that I was out of everybody's reach. The house was empty fortunately, but I began to panic. The girls had brought one of my wigs with as well as some tape and some blue cord. Amanda immediately began going through my mom and my step-sisters' things until she had assembled an outfit for me. I put it on. I didn't have much choice and then did my makeup using my step-sister's kit. When I was done, the tied me to a chair in my step-sisters' room, they each kissed my cheek, and told me that next time maybe I'd do a better job of obeying.

I struggled against the bonds, but I couldn't budge them. I knew I wouldn't have the house to myself forever and tears of frustration began to roll down my cheeks. Maybe 10 minutes later, but it felt like 10 hours I heard the door open and knew I was caught when I heard the footsteps come up the stairs. It was Amanda and Heather. They untied me and told me that if I got caught like this again, they would tie me up on the front lawn in an evening gown. I thanked them profusely for giving me a second chance. They asked me where my feminine underwear was and I told them I hadn't brought it home. They told me to replace it and wear it the whole time I'm home. They also told me when I arrive back, I'm to be fully dressed and made up, which means buying an outfit as well. I got the lingerie today. The dress will have to wait. My step-sisters didn't ask about their makeup or clothes. I think my heart is still racing.


  1. You are lucky they gave you another chance, Jill was not so lucky and got outed. Even tho I love what they are doing to you, I think forcibly outing you is going over the line. The rule should be no physical, mental or social harm should be done. I hope they are careful and don't get carried away with this.

    Hang in there. I hope you keeps us informed daily because we are hooked.

  2. Amber- oooh, you look so good tied like that! I just saw your vid on other blogspot site, and was sooo impressed (and hard) by you!! A fellow CDer, and new follower...

  3. Too bad Mss Heather and Amanda didn't find you appropriately attired, Amber. I bet they would have taken you out for coffee or something nice if you had complied with Ms Susan's instructions. Even better, think of how proud Ms Susan would have been to hear their report!

    I should think you would have realized by now that these mistresses of yours mean business. But rather than focus on the inevitable consequences of disobedience, I wonder if you might consider the positive angle. What if you would wholeheartedly embrace your mistresses' program and strive to become the best sissy you can be? What if you would strive to exceed their expectations? How pleased would Ms Susan have been to learn that you were found to be in full compliance with her instructions AND eager to show off the fruits of some extra voice practicing to get ready for fall semester?

    Just a suggestion that you may really be happier if you put your heart fully into your feminization program, which you did sign up for after all.

    Wishing you well,



  5. What is the old saying...."Alway wear underwear." I guess you know why now.


  7. You really should learn how to untie yourself. What if a rapist came? You're lucky. I learned how to untie myself. When I was little, as a joke and to know how to do it if I was actually tied, they tied me up with my jumprope and put a reeses on my lap. We all laughed about it and I agreed to it. It might have even been my idea.