Monday, December 27, 2010

Why I Was Running?

First, I have to say that those boots have about a 3 inch heel and it's a narrow heel. Even without heels, boots are made for walking, not for running. Still, I was blushing when it was pointed out to me exactly how feminine I looked from behind when running. I didn't have to run away. In fact, the guy at the deli really thought me kissing Santa for the camera was funny, but we were in a rather silly mood.

My sister knows about what's been going on now. She's always been really tight with Mistress Susan and while, I don't expect her to be like Colleen has been with Jill, her reaction wasn't sympathy or laughter. It was more like, "what a common sense solution to a guy with a roving eye". That's not what she said, but she seems happy with the arrangement as she's happy Mistress Susan and I are still together. She has made a few comments about me looking like one of my aunts and of course wanted to see me in a dress, which Mistress Susan arranged. My sister is at a different college and we don't see each other a ton and with Mistress Susan and I spending most of our breaks together, she won't be needed to keep an eye on me or anything, so it isn't a major change, but it was still a bit embarrassing for her to know.

I need to pick up a New Year's Eve dress, but I haven't really started looking. I'm supposed to pick up one and take it back to college with me. Mistress Susan suggested that we go shopping tomorrow as we're going to head back to school Wednesday night.


  1. I wish they would stop teasing you about running like a girl. You were running like someone in 3" heels and a skirt.

    I was more interested in introducing Amber to your sister. Now Miss Susan's family knows and your family knows. It looks like Amber is going to be around for a long time.

    Look at it this way. The big advantage to running like a girl is that it will be easy for Miss Susan to catch you. Lucky girl!

  2. You look so cute on those pics, if ppl dont know you are with alittel extra I am sure you dont have to worry about it.

    GL on shopping for a new year dress, Get one there show off those gorgus legs :)



  3. The extent to which family members know and/or participate has been something that I find both fascinating and disturbing. Does she know that you were blackmailed into this, or does she think that you more-or-less voluntarily agreed to do this as penance, as a condition for staying together with Sue?

  4. gigls,
    i love reading your blogs keep em up Pweez