Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Posting

Wow! I was going to talk about Christmas, but I thought I'd talk about my last posting instead. It got a ton of responses and I noticed that they were extremely contradictory with each other. The ones that jumped out at me were the ones who were angry at Mistress Susan for the switcheroo she pulled on me for Thanksgiving. I did in fact arrive dressed male and found myself as the maid shortly after. It was not a huge party all told there were 8 of us, but I always find it interesting when the blog readers get more angry about something than I did. I think that's because I left off a few details.

Mistress Susan is close to her sister and as a result, her sister took a strong dislike to me because she knew of many occasions in the past I had been a pretty crummy boyfriend. I think it was important for Mistress Susan to show her sister just how much things had changed. Yeah, it was tough to be put in that situation. but hopefully it'll break the ice a little between her sister and me.


  1. Oh my Amber
    I just discovered you and your sisters sites today and what lucky people you all are I wish I had the same opportunity you had when I was your age I only wishyou would tell us how this all began I so wish I was able to be able to explore all the wonderful experiences you tell us about

  2. You look yummy! I don't know how Miss Susan can keep her hands off you.

    It is hard to believe that such a cute little girl was once such a bad boy.

    If you cheated on her so publicly that her sister knew, no wonder you wound up in panties.

    Maybe you should do a 'My name is Earl ' thing.
    Go back to one of the girls you cheated with and show her what a good girl you have become.

    Did you brag to a guy about your exploits? Maybe he should meet Amber too.

  3. Thats quite the 'naughty' little outfit there. Looks good on you. I can only assume that you're wearing a nice pair of pumps with that. Are you going somewhere with Mistress Susan for Christmas? Merry Christmas Amber. Lgb