Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I Don't Post

I don't know if you all realize this, but my situation is a bit different from the other sissies. You see, Mistress Susan was not part of this group nor was I. She only decided to put me into skirts when Jill wandered into her life and she saw how it worked up close and personal. I live with the other sissies, I do maid service, and I am put through my paces. Mistress Susan is very friendly with the other mistresses, but I'm slightly different from the rest of their stable and while the other mistresses correct things when they think I'm acting too boyish, they don't pressure me to blog much and Mistress Susan doesn't press me to do it too much either.

She did mention it this week though and truth be told, I don't hate blogging or anything. This picture terrifies me because I look very much like my niece who is 11. I don't really look that much like anybody in my family the way that Jill and Colleen do, but man I think if my family saw this picture they'd think it was my niece. I will try and post more. Susan and I are doing well now and I really don't have a ton of complaints.


  1. Your face does look different in this picture. Nice legs, they look great in black hose. Is your own hair this long. Keep posting. You have a lot of fans. Tell us more about your relationship with Susan. Is she still calling all the shots?

  2. Too bad you dont post more offen sweetie, you look soo good in your pics.



  3. More posts and more perfect princess pictures please

  4. We know that you are different and are glad that you and Miss Susan are in a good place. I for one don't want you to blog to humiliate you. I just want to know how you are doing? I don't care if you even have picture (although I am very curious how you look in the dress you bought for the wedding)

    Still, i am really curious about where this is going in the long run. Are you and Miss Susan beginning to talk about the future? There are choices.

    I have been married for awhile. My wife is in charge. Aside from panties during the day and a nightie to sleep in, I rarely dress. Except for the housework which I still hate, I could not be happier.

    You are lucky to have her.


  5. Hey Amber, you really are so cheeky cute in the photo. Love the legs. Always so nice to hear from you, even if it's just a hello. I am so Glad things are sweet with you and Susan and that's the way it should be. Still waiting to see the two of you together out and about. Lookin forward to your next post - SKB

  6. Amber

    I miss not hearing about your adventues. Surely you must be preparing for the big day and having many interesting thoughts...

    Would love to know if you are enjoying getting ready or dreading it. Either way I'm sure it would be fun to share. I personally would love to see you with flame red hair, I bet you would be even more irresistable.

    On a curious note, were you forced to purchase a 'friend' like Katie and Xiu?

    Curious minds want to know...


  7. Amber- you look wonderful! Thanks for your posts... great work cleaning! :)

  8. ' I WILL TRY and POST MORE ' so .... 2 months later - You are one of the Girls in 'Sissy House' right ?

    WHY is Katie the only one posting ??? surely an essay a week wouldn't be that hard, You posted about 20 essays Your first month , the delightful ' My name is Amber and ... ' which I may have mentioned, is very, very similar to the daily vow I was instructed to repeat every morning outloud 3 times while standing at attention wearing only panties ' my name is Dolly, I am a Sissy and I love my panties.' Honest, for 10 years. OK, I slack, probably in reality only 200 times a year. brainwashing.

    anyway, us readers are hoping for more essays. what about ' Princess Party ' , near nothing on that , just one from the Amigas. I understand the wedding may be restricted postwise, that's fine. moving in ?? You each signed a legal lease, physically moved into what was known to be ' Sissy House' , right ?? thus You five have acknowledged Yourself as Sissies. simple fact. We on the outside, confirmed mostly wanna be's ....
    thanks much, best wishes Dolly