Sunday, September 26, 2010

Speed Dating

I guess it was my first date with a guy or 20 guys actually. The college had a speed dating event and guess who got signed up for it? It was scary, but it was probably really good practice as I flirted with a ton of guys for too short a time to really blow my cover. I did pretty well too as I once again got a lot of contact information. Dating is inevitable. I know it's going to happen. It still scares me. The TA is still an overbearing jerk, but I guess he's kind of a legend. Also, as I have been asked it is distracting to be sitting in class. Even when I'm dressed like a guy, I can feel my bra and every time I move my legs I feel my pantyhose.


  1. I still find it hard to believe that any of you can get close enough to talk to a guy and he does not know you are not a real girl. I have to admit that judging from this picture you look really lovely and totally feminine. There is still the voice and mannerisms that would give you away. Great job being feminine and looking beautifull.

  2. what does your mom and dad think of the super hot daughter they now have.

  3. Amber,

    It's no mystery why being set up to date guys would scare you; it should! I fear you might actually get hurt if your date discovers your secret. Anyway, you don't have any interest in guys, so it's going to be uncomfortable at least. I sure wouldn't like it. Maybe that just adds to the fun for the four original mistresses. But why your own special mistress/girlfriend would want you to date anybody else escapes me. (Same goes for Jill's and Cindy's mistresses, by the way.) Though, reading their posts, it seems they do actually care about you three in their way.

    This is one thing the Mistresses put you sissies through that I don't envy, and don't even understand.

    Hoping it all works out well for you,


  4. I am glad you did not have to be the bait to bring Xiu into line. You are still too innocent a girl for that.

    You do need to start dating though. I know that it seems scary to you. But doesn’t it seem just a little bit exciting too? Go for it.

    Maybe the mistresses can fix you up with a nice boy. So you can start off with something low key. Fix him dinner, let him take you to a movie. Hold hands, let him put his arm around you. The good night kiss as much or as little as seems right.

    If he knew your little secret, it would make it all that much easier.

  5. Nice to hear that you enjoyed the Speed Dating Event, and also made lots of contacts.

  6. Are you telling us something with that ring on your finger? I'd think even speed daters would notice it.

  7. How exciting. You are very pretty, and I can only imagine many guys wanting to see you again. I'm a crossdresser and very jealous of you. Take care. Danielle