Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The new background freaks me out. That picture of me floating on the top half of a chair is just weird. Anyway, I wasn't the bait to lure Xiu, but she's seen me as Amber a lot and remains oblivious that there is another rooster in the hen house. I have been subtlety flirting with her though and the plan is that Xiu and I will go out with him unaware that I am actually male. The plan is that it would be great practice for me and it would certainly be a safe way to date a guy who doesn't know my secret. I don't have much say in this and I think this is better than dating some guy off the street who doesn't know.

Redheads get a lot of attention. I never noticed this as a guy. It's weird seeing another sissy taken in. I know what she's in for and frankly she deserves it. Maybe I did too for cheating, but what she was doing was far worse. People pay too much for their education to have a TA messing with it. I guess she's learning a new definition for T&A now. When she finds out about us, we will take her into our little group. Nobody else can understand what we're going through. She is going to be a looker---she's so tiny for a guy and I think could almost pass without makeup.


  1. Are you kidding, the picture of you in the floating chair is best, you look awsome. Make it downloadable and put some more up in that out fit and I'll be happy.

  2. That's a great photo, Amber, you look really nice. And it's fascinating that you can now see this forced feminization treatment as something that can be deserved, even in your own case! Insofar as I can tell, neither Bill nor Scott actually did anything to deserve being forcibly transformed into Jill and Cindy. Bill was guilty of nothing more than a tasteless prank, and what did Scott do but take a shine to Jill? Your own transgression was certainly worse. Maybe it comes from my own desire to be a woman, but the thought of a guy cheating on his wife or girlfriend just makes me burn! That probably made some of my prior comments to you a bit too strident. Please accept my apology. You are obviously a really nice person.

    It's also fascinating how you can look forward to welcoming Xiu into your "little group" even after first expounding on how much she deserves what she is getting. So it seems you three really enjoy living together and are supportive of each other. I truly do believe you will all eventually look back on this as a wonderful, enriching experience, setting aside the question of whether your mistresses are justified in what they are doing. As I remarked once to Jill, I hope you are all keeping good notes, because you are going to be able to write more than one excellent book on this someday.

    Wishing you well,


  3. Dear Amber.

    That picture of you floating in the chair is far from weird. Honestly, it is pure look-book. The outfit is superb, and you, well you really shine when you smile. And yes, redheads have huge advantages in this world.

    And the shoes! Please don't tell me that you can walk in 5" heels.

    Please remember to show the smile. I am sure that your circumstances must trouble you from time to time, but you really are gorgeous. That is something to be proud of, and happy about.

    Be sure to keep your grades up. As vital as it is to stay on the right side of your Mistresses is, the education is most important.

    Good luck with everything, Graciella

  4. i love redheads. id love to take you out and marry you in vegas

  5. Will she be dressed as a boy or a girl?

  6. Just read Xiu's Blog, looks like you are "helping" her pick out her first shopping outfit, and that just show how much you have improved in a few mouths. I realy hope you are enjoying thise at some level. I know I woud.

    And I cant wait to her about her reaction when she find out about the rest of you girls.



  7. If s/he is dressed as a guy, s/he might be a bit frisky. S/he may be looking for a girl to do a little extra just so s/he can prove something.

    What did Jill do for you?

  8. Dang. I don't see why you don't like that picture. Do you know how many girls would kill for your body? Especially those legs. I'll trade places with you any day.