Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xiu and I

By now, you probably should have seen that Xiu and I will be going out on a date this Friday. It seems not long ago I was the unaware guy going out with a crossdresser without realizing it. The trick is, this isn't Susan loaning me to Sheila to embarrass Xiu. This is Sheila loaning Xiu to Susan without him knowing it because it is a very safe way for me to date a boy. I'm going to have to string Xiu along by flirting, teasing, and even kissing. Susan wants to see if I can make it through 4 dates. She said the first 3 are easy. It's funny because despite the supposed stress free nature of things--I'm more nervous about dating Xiu than any date I ever went on with a girl. I'm going to take Friday morning/afternoon to get a new outfit and visit Wendy for hair and makeup talk--which will be it's own kind of embarrassment as she asks me questions about the big night.


  1. Sweetie, as beuitfull you are I woud date you no mater what when I am in my male self. Any guy shoud be proude to go out with you, and by the look of it Xiu is realy looking forward to it too.


  2. Why does she want you to date guys?

  3. Don't worry Amber, you'll do great.
    Very pretty picture by the way.

  4. Amber, Wow! You are drop dead gorgeous in this photo! It's not just your physical beauty and how well made up you are, it's your carriage and the sense of ease you project. You just look so poised and comfortable with yourself. Wow!

    But do I understand this correctly? Xiu will be in male mode on your date, i.e. you will be going out with Roger, right? But he remarked that you were one of the girls putting him through the feminization treatment. So in the midst of all that, he asked you out on a date, even though he sees you as one of his tormenters. So why isn't he too angry at you to ask you out? I guess you must really appeal to him. It's hard to take this at face value. I need an asprin!

    Anyway, I wish you well and hope you manage to have a good time with this, if that is possible.


  5. Good luck with your date. I hope you two have fun.

  6. Good luck with your date! I can't wait to hear about it. I'm sure you'll do great. She already thinks you're hot. Hope you have fun with it. Lgb

  7. Good luck this evening Amber. I am certain that your deportment and appearance will not only "pass" but should really capture Xui's attention.

    It must be interesting to you. You have an opportunity to exercise some measure of the control over a man that a woman can. This is a great gift into your life. Relish these moments, and use the power carefully and respectfully.

    I encourage you to create some back story. You should be able to convincingly talk about dating experiences, special friends from childhood, summer camps, prom and etc. Be prepared as well with some conversation starters for Xui.

    And please, do not think of this as a prank on Xui. Please think of this as a privilege for you, a really rare opportunity to experience a facet of a womans life. This is about you, not Xui.

    Enjoy - Graciella