Thursday, October 28, 2010

Found Out

As most of you know, Xiu found out my little secret. I had to make it through four dates with her and that was three and we will be doing Homecoming so I definitely made it. She swears she knew and used her hands to confirm, but I'm pretty sure she was aggressive and got a surprise.

Halloween is coming and that's one Halloween Costume, Sexy Bat Girl minus the cape and mask. We will be having a contest, but I don't have all the costumes together yet. The first parties are tomorrow and like all the sissies I will be going as a fairy. It's definitely weird seeing Halloween from this end.


  1. Very nice pic, with some rather clingy, skimpy shorts. Unless your cape hangs down fairly low, brace yourself for an evening of gropings and ass-grabs. Halloween is one of those nights where people REALLY let their inhibitions down, but maybe your mistress will protect you from any unwanted advances. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing full pics.

  2. It sounds like you think that your last date with Xiu is going to be easy because she knows that you are a sissy.

    I hope the mistresses make sure that it is a real date.

    I think that when she picks you up, you should give her a nice open mouth kiss. Let her know that, at least for the night, you are her girl.

    She may not be in male clothes with a pretty girl on her arm for some time. I think she deserves something special. And you will be a better sissy for having the boyfriend experience.

  3. Hope you had a great halloween.