Friday, July 9, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Have Big Boobs

Well, I guess I don't exactly yet, but I got a message that they tried to deliver them today, but that I have to sign for them. I don't know why this has me so nervous. I've stuffed my bra out to a bigger size then my forms before, but somehow this seems like a very major step for me. I don't know. Am I being crazy?

I also have to go out in public today. It's just a trip to the drug store for pantyhose and presson nails. I go through so many pantyhose--supposedly a lot more than either Cindy or Jill did when they were novices. Ms. Susan says that to encourage me to keep working on my passing skills and my voice, I will be making a lot of these short trips into public. I'm a bit nervous, but not as scared as I've been in the past.

When Cindy gets back, I'm supposed to be her assistant maid. A maid's dress has been purchased for me, which you'll see me in eventually. I have a feeling you'll be seeing me in a lot of different outfits. This is all happenning so fast.


  1. I don't know why you are nervous, you look very pretty. I would do anything to be lucky like you are!

  2. Amber,

    I think Ms Susan is taking you on a wonderful journey. You know in your heart that you don't deserve the time of day from her. Nothing is more obvious than that if you should ever be so lucky as to marry her one day, you will live under her complete authority whether or not she keeps you as a sissy. But look, women really are our superiors, so there is no shame in accepting your Mistress' authority and striving always to please her.

    I joyfully live under my Wife's authority, though not as a sissy. I can personally attest that there is deep satisfaction to be had by taking care to treat all women with respect and devoting yourself entirely to the woman you love. In my humble opinion, it seems to me that Ms Susan rates.

    As for "feeling like such an idiot" when practicing voice lessons: How are you attired when you practice? I should think if you were dressed in any of the photos you've posted (those beat-up jeans and pretty top in your July 5 posting is my favorite!), or even in your feminine nighties, I bet you'd feel like an idiot until you succeeded in speaking appropriately. Just a thought.

    Amber, you're a lucky girl.

    Wishing you well,


  3. Hi Amber. Nice pic. You are naturally photogenic. I can understand your nervousness about the breast forms. Let's face it.......women have boobs and guys don't. So, no you are not crazy. But the fact that they are so realistic will help you pass more easily which should make your "trips in public" much easier.

    It is interesting to learn that you will be Cindy's assistant maid. Have your duties been outlined? And, when does Cindy get back.

    At least for me, I hope school starts soon, and all of you will be together more often.