Monday, July 5, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Speak Like a Proper Young Lady

I felt terrible that my lack of practice caused Jill to get punished as well as I did. We were hot and sweaty when we were finally released. The wigs really don't help in summer, nor do the pantyhose and boots. I was in a much worse position than Jill, however as she was allowed to sit and I was forced to kneel with my face about a foot from her crotch. Like I said, it was my fault. I just feel like such an idiot when I practice this stuff, especially the way I talk.

The rest of the day wasn't so bad. I was actually in pants for the evening to go watch the fireworks. It's still tremendously weird for me to be in Ms. Susan's clothes and not just because everything is tight on me, but also because I'll remember how she looks wearing it. We saw a pretty nice fireworks display last night, but the big one downtown was canceled because of the budget.

Cindy's chastity belt scares me. Since this began I have been able to relieve my sexual frustration only under the watchful supervision of Ms. Susan. I have written essays for the privilege of being allowed to masturbate--essays about why I love to wear dresses or how sexy I am. I'll then read them while I finally get relief. I also still am allowed to have sex with Ms. Susan, but it's strictly under her terms now. In all cases, it's a dress or lingerie and moaning in my most seductive female voice. When I talk dirty to her, it also is as a seductive female. Ms. Susan has said that I won't be getting a chastity belt unless I show I need one. Things have become very embarrassing though.


  1. I really enjoyed this posting. It was good of you to take responsibility for your punishment. Jill was not blameless here. Jill knew there would be a punishment for misbehavior. Did she warn you? You need to listen to your big sissy sister. I like that Susan is giving you some positive reinforcement. She must still have feelings for you, but I doubt she will ever give you back the pants in this relationship. Are you OK with that? This is jumping way ahead. How would you feel about wearing a bridal gown for your own wedding?

  2. This blog post's title sounds a little too much like Emily Howard.

  3. i hope you learned from your humiliating punishment Amber! And i hope you know how many sissies are enviously and fearfully following your progress!