Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Shopped Til I Dropped

I have a lot of questions to answer now...and I will, but not tonight. Evidently, I haven't been working as hard as I should be at passing and the result was a trip to the mall for some shopping. When I found out I was naturally a bit terrified and I begged not to have to wear a dress or skirt. I found out that I can draw plenty of attention without one as I had to wear my reddest wig, a polka dot top, and heels. In some places I passed, in most places I passed at first sight, but couldn't survive an interaction. It was all kind of embarrassing although I guess it really shouldn't be. I'll be practicing a lot more tomorrow.


  1. amber, a tip from the experienced:
    the harder you fight it, the more obvious you arent going to pass. the more you worry about fitting in, the more people pay attention to you. body language and chemistry.

    when you just do the natural actions and it no longer becomes second thought, nobody will raise an eyebrow at you.


  2. Maybe next time you will not beg "not to have to wear a skirt." I assume that by this time you would rather be able to 'pass as a girl' and not be questioned as opposed to 'standing out' and attracting unwanted attention. Perhaps that was the lesson the girls were trying to impress upon you.