Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Love Being Pretty

It's really hot here and I haven't been granted a reprieve from wearing pantyhose in private only in public so I'm spending a lot of my days in pantyhose and shorts. Then again my male time keeps decreasing.

I found the blog posting on what was most humiliating interesting. I'll tell you what mine is since it really can't be used against me. What's most humiliating for me is how things have become second nature. When I first started, it took forever to put on my girl underwear because it was so forbidden and scary. Now, I can put up my lingerie, step into a dress, slip on my heels, put on my makeup, and not even think that I'm doing anything out of the ordinary. It's become so normal that I'll go into my drawer and pull out panties, bra, and pantyhose the same way that I used to grab a pair of boxers. When I suddenly stop and think, wow what am I doing? That's when things become humiliating.

I can't help, but be humiliated in Ms. Sue's clothes. We went to a formal with her wearing the outfit in that picture. I thought she looked extremely sexy and glamorous in it. It's weird that I know people are looking at me the same way I looked at her.

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