Monday, July 26, 2010

My Name is Amber and I'm a Party Girl

Tonight's challenge was passed successfully. There was a party at one of the fraternities without about 100 people there. I simply had to go in get a cup, drink a beer, and leave. It was easy. I was more nervous than at the mall because being read by frat guys is more dangerous and of those 100 people at least a few of them would know me from class, but fortunately drunk college guys are not the most discerning. I went with Ms. Susan as well as Ms. Amanda and Ms. Heather. I was given the choice of staying for more free beers, but I decided to leave well enough alone.


  1. Yay! Good move!

  2. Perhaps next time one of those frat boys will make a pass at you. ;)

  3. Is that what you wore? It looks a little warm for this time of year. Although, I do like the fact that your bra can be seen through the top. LGB

  4. Well, Amber, at least Ms Heather was there, just in case you were read! I bet she really would have stepped if you got into trouble.

    What a trip! The Mistresses thrust you into situations like this to advance your training, but they also look out for you. Through all the embarrassment, don't you have to respect both their boldness and determination as well as their sense of responsibility? And are you not getting some enjoyment from the rare experiences they are giving you?

    Wishing you well,


  5. I overheard the frat guys askin who the red headed slam piece was...

  6. You look so pretty Amber, I woud love to see you from behind in that outfit, you look like you got a very good ass in it.