Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Buy Lingerie

Tonight's shopping trip was to Target. I was allowed to dress like a guy and was accompanied by Ms. Susan and her friend Ms. Karen. I was required to buy4 two packs of panties in black, red, violet, and pink. I purchased two bras one an A cup in white and one a C Cup in black. I bought a pair of black and a pair of nude pantyhose, and an assortment of makeup. I was very nervous as I gave the girl my credit card to cover the $137 purchase. She didn't really react until Ms. Susan told me, wow you sure got yourself some nice things. Now my clothes won't be all stretched out. The sales girl laughed and I turned bright red. I'm way behind on your questions so I will do my best to catch up here:

Connie - I don't know where the wigs come from. I have a half dozen wigs in different styles and colors. Ms. Susan wants me to be a redhead for some reason.

LB - I admit that I screwed up pretty bad.

Isobel - I think a French Maid's outfit would be pretty embarrassing. I think I'll stick with the more normal clothing I have had to wear so far.

Katie - I'm surprised to find that some women like it. I guess it makes me feel a small bit better about it.

Cindy - I have to admit your posts are some of my favorites. I'm a bit alarmed to see myself with any curves.

CB - A heels test is walking in the heels and being judged on my hip sway, grace, and elegance. There are a number of good videos on Youtube, but heels are tricky to pick up on. I think I can walk better in heels than a lot of girls in my college can.

Sorry if I missed anybody.


  1. I'm your favorite poster? That's so sweet. Wow! You bought your own feminine underwear today? That's so brave. I really like the way you went through with it even if you were embarrassed. Can you put on your own makeup yet? Keep practicing.

  2. A sale is a sale. The Target clerk probably 'raised an eyebrow' but I am sure she has seen it before. Actually, I bet your sizes are about what Miss Susan's are. So I really doubt you stretched her stuff out. :)

    I hope you enjoy your new panties, bras and hose and makeup. I had hoped that they would take you to Victoria's Secret, but perhaps they are saving that excursion for a rainy day.

    We have heard a lot from you about Miss Susan. How did Ms. Karen help in this 'outing.'

  3. Good job getting yourself completely cornered loser. Man up and accept the consequences of your actions or you really are a useless little princess. And remember, plagiarism goes both ways. If want to win you have to risk getting hurt. What's the worst judo queen can do? Sure your minders could delete this, but why bother? You've either got the will or you don't.

  4. Consider going all dressed up next time. It will not be embarrassing but empowering. You look great, better than so many other women in line at Target.