Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Shave My Legs

I had a rude awakening today. I was getting relieved that my leg hair was finally growing back. As I was doing my makeup lesson today, Ms. Susan noticed some leg hairs sprouting out of my pantyhose and rubbed her hand up and down my leg. She then told me that I would have to shave my legs before the weekend.

I was not expecting to have to keep them smooth, but she warned me that I needed to take care of this every couple of days. An argument began and she then proceeded to tie me to the chair and shave my legs right there. I was not the least bit happy. When she was done she straddled me and proceeded to finish the makeup application. There was something erotic to have her sitting on my lap like that and as she teased me, I became very aroused. In the end it was for nothing as I couldn't do much and by the time she untied me I was no longer excited, but I can't deny that having the makeup put on me that way was strangely erotic.


  1. I am surprised Amber that she just did not 'tie you up' and then apply Nair and leave it on for about 15 minutes to burn all of the hairs out forever ...while she applied your makeup.

    By the way, I love your heels in the picture. :)

    Nobody ever said that being a sissy was easy.

  2. Hi Amber. Out of curiosity, you have never mentioned how wonderful ( or how much you hate) the feel and taste of lipstick.
    I know the first time I ever had lipstick applied (which is another story) I loved the experience and will remember it forever.

  3. That is so hot! Smooth is much sexier. I hope she did your arms and chest too.

  4. I recommend a waxing. It is just a little pain and so much gain. Especially because you won't have to shave any more. After a few sessions your hair will also become thinner and lighter and there is just nothing like the feeling of waxed skin.

  5. I've seen large gags on the sissys. What are you using?