Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear Dresses

I'm kind of surprised to find so many responses to what I wrote. I don't know if some of you get this, but I don't want any of it. Don't tell me that pretty girls shouldn't pout because I'm not a girl. To the person who said there friend had to do it for a few weeks if you're still reading I'd like to know what your friend had to put up with and how you found out. I don't think I could do this for more than a week.

The way that it's been explained to me by Miss Susan as I am to call her, is that when I am around her I better be enthusiastic and that I better not complain after what I supposedly did. On the other hand, in this blog I'm supposed to share my feelings about what is happening to me even if it means complaining about her. My only requirements are to answer questions, to post pictures, and to entitle each entry My Name is Amber and I Wear something.

The thing that's really bothering me now is her new friends. There are four girls who I never really saw before who are completely helping her do this to me. I don't get it. It's almost like I they're the A-Team or something. They know what they're doing and one of them literally kicked my ass. I'm wondering if it's their idea. I had several visits today to make sure I was in my heels. They think of everything, but I know nothing about them.

1) You say you are 'forced' to wear panties? Who bought them, from where and what styles and colors do you now own? My girlfriend gave me a bunch. She had purchased them for me. There are two thongs that I have not touched, but most are normal not granny panties--a lot of lace.
2)You say that you copied 4 papers from your girlfriend? Are you expecting her to work for your degree as well as her own? That does seem to be a bit much! She had the same class before me. She swears if she reports me she can convince them I got them off her computer without her knowledge. I don't buy that for a minute.
3)Has she given any indication how long you will be in panties? (the heels and dress do co-ordinate but they do hide your panties, but I guess we can believe you when you said you are forced to wear them) She hasn't. Obviously, this can't go on much longer.


  1. Hi Amber. lets say you had to go buy your own girly things. Of all the feminine outfits you have worn so far, which one would you choose if you had to wear one to do your shopping. Would you please show us. Also, what color lipstick have you worn so far and what one do you prefer (if you have to wear one). Do you put it on your self? Do you dress your self and put on your own makeup? Are you learning how to do it? Is it easy or hard to do? Do your eyebrows look girly yet?

  2. Hi Amber. I found a link to your blog from one of the sissy sites. Did you put it there? What a great start you are having. It looks like you are putting up a good fight, but you really must be enjoying this because the web site says you made the decision to be a girl's girl. Tell the truth now, is that correct?

  3. You asked about the experience of my friend who underwent a similar experience: I don't know about all the details (he told me several years ago and it was at the end of a long, drunken night---when else does one share such embarressing stories?), but I'll tell you what I remember. It started, like you, when he was busted cheating on his girlfriend. As a man, I can totally understand what you mean when you say that 'no guy would have reacted differently' when tempted by an attractive, eager and willing young lady, but women definitely do not see it that way! They view this kind of thing as a huge humiliating betrayal, which is why they want to inflict some humiliation back on you in the form of dressing up. I don't know exactly how long my friend underwent this kind of punishment, but I think it went on for at least few weeks (maybe even months?). As I recall, he described it mostly as being private humiliation (bra, panties and stockings under his male clothes while at work, changing into full outfits when he got home) with some discrete public humiliations (going out to a few places fully dressed); the threat of being revealed to friends and family was made, but never actually done. As I remember, the most surprising thing was his revelation that, because it was all about humiliation and payback for his infidelity, things actually became much easier for him when he started playing along. That is, things changed for the better when he stopped complaining about what she was doing and fighting her every step of the way, and instead started to be very obedient to her commands, even pretending to enjoy dressing up and doing the girly things that she was demanding of him. He said that by going along with things willingly and eagerly (even if pretending), it took most of the sting of humiliation out of it, which made it less fun for her and less of a punishment for him. If there is little sense of payback being inflicted, there is little reason to keep it going. Again, I don't know/remember all the details, but it makes sense that change of attitude helped them both turn the corner. Obviously, I know almost nothing about your situation, but it definitely reminded me of that old friend (who also, by the way, said that the experience had given him a new appreciation of women). What worked for him might work for you, though I realize that would not be an easy example to emulate. Good luck!