Monday, June 21, 2010

My Name is Amber and I'm Stacked

OK, as you can see, stacked is a major exaggeration, but today was my first day wearing a bra. This is something I was told I will need to get used to because I will be in one for the foreseeable future. Ms. Susan even mentioned as she played with my bra strap today that we need to start thinking about getting me some breast forms. Having been fooled by Jill's fake breasts up very close, I can tell you that they make them extremely lifelike. I just hope I don't wind up with 36 EEEs or something.

Today was my first trip out in public. I was sent to the Walgreens to pick up a few things and to scan the magazines for at least 15 minutes before picking up the latest Glamour. My heart was beating a mile a minute even though the only speaking I had to do was to say "mmmhmm" and "Thank you" to the cashier. I also picked up tampons (Obviously for the embarrassment factor), fake nails (obviously to use), and clothesline (I'm assuming to be tied up with if I misbehave).

This whole experience is such a mind f***. It's just hard to think that I have a drawer full of lingerie that I bought for myself and I wear everyday. If the object was to make me feel less manly, and I guess it was in part, they've succeeded.


  1. Hi Amber. Triple EEE breast forms would be a cruel. I do not believe that they would do that to you. Perhaps, I am too generous in my comments, but I really think that they want you to be able to pass, and Triple EEE's would do nothing but bring 'unwanted or desired' attention to you.
    Anyway, the pic of you in a bikini is fantastic. Most women would be envious. Men may adore large breasted women, but do not let them in on the secret that the 'smaller ones' are more sensitive. :)
    As for your trip in public, congratulations on having passed the test so to speak. The only question being which girl needed the tampons.
    As for being a "mind f***" ...stuff happens and I am sure that the drawer full of lingerie is beautiful and sexy.... in a certain way.

  2. what a lovely photo, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it's the true you pictured.

  3. Hi Amber,

    I'm just wondering what cupsize you would like yourself?