Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear Panties

My name is Amber and I wear panties. I have to wear them at all times now, since my girlfriend caught me cheating on her. The problem is, I was totally and completely set up and she used one of her friends to seduce me. I don't think any guy would have reacted differently than I did. Over the last few days, she has had me modeling dresses, heels, makeup, and all sorts of feminine attire. She has told me that this will be the case for some time now. If I don't comply all my friends will see these pictures, the university will be informed of 4 papers which I copied from her for an English literature class, and she will basically ruin me. She has also informed me that being obedient to her is my only chance of staying with her. For now, it seems I'm trapped.


  1. Yeah, you probably do feel trapped, but I wouldn't worry too much. Something similar happened to a friend of mine who had stepped out on his woman, but after a couple weeks of her 'revenge', her anger went away and things went back to normal for them. In fact, he claims that the experience actually brought them closer together. Definitely do NOT allow the university to know about the plagiarism; most universities still take that very, very seriously and you would likely find yourself expelled and unable to get into another school. Good luck!

  2. Amber, thats a cute name, did you choose it?
    You do look very pretty in your dress and your long red hair looks amazing!
    You say that your girlfriend caught you cheating on her? I'd say you got off lightly.
    That said I do have a couple of questions for you:
    1) You say you are 'forced' to wear panties? Who bought them, from where and what styles and colors do you now own?
    2)You say that you copied 4 papers from your girlfriend? Are you expecting her to work for your degree as well as her own? That does seem to be a bit much!
    3)Has she given any indication how long you will be in panties? (the heels and dress do co-ordinate but they do hide your panties, but I guess we can believe you when you said you are forced to wear them)
    With all that you have done like I said, I think you have got off lightly, just 'suck it up' and accept your punishment, after all your girlfriend has to be worth putting up with this?

  3. screwed up. We all do it. The hard lesson that you are learning is that women control us. I must say the blog picture of you in the red dress with black heels is fantastic. As for the panties, I am sure you will learn to love them, particularly after your girlfriend gives you no choice by getting rid of your other underwear.

  4. I notice you seem intent on justifying your behavior, saying things like "what I supposedly did," and, "I don't think any guy would have reacted differently than I did." So, I have two questions. First, do you seriously believe that all men would cheat on their girlfriends if given the opportunity? And second, do you really feel as if you've done nothing wrong? If you really think that way, you're probably going to buy yourself quite a bit more trouble...

  5. Hi Amber. Yes it does appear you are trapped, at least for a while. Out of curiosity, however, did you enjoy, maybe even a little, all of the dressing and modeling. There is no question from the picture that you do make a very attractive and convincing woman. Good Luck.

  6. Are you actually being forced to become a women?