Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Name is Amber and I'm a Supermodel

Yesterday, we went shopping at the mall and though I spent literally hundreds of dollars on my own feminization, it wasn't so bad. I was allowed to wear male clothes and didn't have to try anything on. The shopping itself was a weird combination of having to pick out things for myself and having items dictated to me no matter how I might object to purchasing them. Most of the clothes were sexy, but on the right slide of totally trashy. The exception was lingerie where the girls got creative.

Yesterday evening, I went over to Ms. Susan's and with Ms. Sheila, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Heather, also in attendance I put on a fashion show. I modeled many of the items that I had purchased and the girls brought a few of their clothes that they wanted to see me in. Overall the night was extremely humiliating. When the night was finally winding down I was told that it wouldn't be my last shopping trip, but it may well be my last one in male clothes so that I better practice the skills that I'll need to pass. They want me to go outside in a dress at some point this week. I'm scared.


  1. Hi Amber. I love the new "style of posts"....My Name is Amber and I'm a Supermodel. Very positive. That attitude will help. In a way, it must have seemed 'awkward' shopping for women's clothes while wearing male clothes. No way to try the clothes on before buying them...trusting to the sizes selected by the 'girls.' I can understand why they insisted on a 'fashion show' at your expense when you got home.
    If the picture is any indication, you may not yet be a 'supermodel'...but your figure is 'truly feminine' and I do not believe that anyone would think you are anything other than the sexy young lady you appear to be.

  2. Amber,

    Wow, I keep coming back to your blog because you are beautiful. This photo proves it. Keep up the good work and progress.