Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Host Lovely Parties

I hosted a lunch today for Ms. Susan, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Sheila, and Jill. In addition to making lunch, Jill and I also put on a small fashion show for everybody. I think I'm OK with Jill now. She's even agreed to work with me on my voice and mannerisms. She scares me. It's amazing to me how much like a girl she can be now less than a year after her training started. When Ms. Sheila was teasing me about this, I told her that I couldn't believe how effectively she was turned so quickly. Ms. Sheila laughed and told me that since they'd already practiced on Jill and Cindy, I'd probably be even faster and easier to train. I wanted to tell her that she was wrong, but frankly I wasn't so sure so I backed down.

We will be buying padding for me tonight or tomorrow. In answer to the question I was asked earlier, I'd really prefer A cups, but I think B is the best I can hope for. In any case, I will be getting very noticeable boobs and some hip and butt help soon. The lunch wound up being a success. It's unseasonably in the early 70s so the pantyhose heat index is not an issue today.

Heels - In answer to a question I was asked, I usually wear 3 inch heels. Sometimes if I'm lucky 2. I have found that there are a lot of things more important to the comfort or discomfort of shoes than heel height. Although as I type this, Access Hollywood just did a story where they interviewed Kristin Stewart and she had to remove her 6 inch heels due to foot pain. Jill and I are supposed to go to Twilight tomorrow so I guess everything comes full circle.


  1. I looked at your photo from your post on the 26th. Your ass is plenty large already. Make it bigger and J low will say damn. You already have more curves than most girls I know.

  2. Hi Amber. Cute pic. Glad that the luncheon was a success, and that Jill has agreed, and I assume you accepted, her offer to help you. Besides shopping for padding and going to Twilight, did the Amigas give you any idea or clue what other activities are planned. I can imagine that looking at Jill and realizing that you 'are next' can be scary, but isn't it even a little bit 'exciting.'

  3. I don't know why, but I keep finding myself drawn back to your blog. I think I've actually become jealous of what is happening to you and your "friends".

  4. and don't you two look sweet together!