Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear Perfume

It's not about perfume I'm afraid, although I did get a good spray today. I've just run out of My Name is Ambers and I forgot to do your questions today.

Connie - That Nair scenario is frightening. Isn't Nair only temporary?
Katie - I'm not a big lipstick fan. It feels kind of gunky and the taste takes getting used to.


  1. Even if you have run out of "My name is Ambers..." I am sure that Miss Susan has not.

    By the way, what kind of perfumes have you tried, and which if any do you like. Please share.

  2. I agree with Connie. There are a lot more "My name is Amber...." titles that are possible.

    For instance, My name is Amber and .......
    1) I love pierced ears and earrings.
    2) I love Stockings.
    3) I love going to the hair dresser.
    4) I love shopping.
    5) I love yoga.
    6) Boys are really nice.
    7) I love nighties and babydolls.
    Actually, it appears that the list might be endless.

  3. You may want to notice Cindy's profile

  4. Amber -

    Nair is temporary....

    But think of the smooth skin you'll have, without any of that nasty hair. Stockings will feel so sensual without hair ruining the appearance of your legs.


  5. Hi Amber! This is my 1st time writing to you, but I have been reading your blog since you "...wear panties," and wanted to remind you that if the lipstick in too greasy and tastes bad, you could always try lipstain like Covergirl Outlast here: or you could use a colored lip gloss that tastes yummy like Victoria Secrets lip glosses here:

    Sucks getting caught cheating on your girlfriend, doesn't it? I bet you will think hard and long before cheating again, huh? BTW you really need to smile more - that VS lip gloss will help brighten your mood and your moist, glistening lips will remind all those cute, non-cheating-on-their-girlfriend, boys of other moist lips.

    You are looking pretty cute already...have you tried Hugo Boss for Women? Deliciously feminine yet sporty enough to play with those yummy jocks! The use of perfume is a very seductive game women play with the delicious creature known as man. Never underestimate the combined power of lipgloss and perfume! Look forward to talking with you more Amber! ;)