Monday, June 28, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear Pantyhose

Today was pantyhose day. I added pantyhose to my bra and panties. Unfortunately, it's summer and under heavy jeans the pantyhose are just too warm and under shorts, they're just too visible. I've only got one pair of dockers so it's causing other issues with comfort.

Tomorrow Jill is supposed to come over. The mistresses want to make sure there is no bad blood between us. I do feel a bit betrayed over how things went down, but I also know how difficult it is to not give in to them. As a result, I'm mostly willing to forgive and forget. The above picture really bothers me. It gives you an idea of what I look like working out and it's the first picture I've seen of me where I think I look kind of hot. It's definitely a mind f***.


  1. You do look hot Amber! Embrace it! There is nothing else to do hun!

  2. I think we should see before and after feminization pictures

  3. You certainly look really hot. You should have been wearing your pantyhose to exercise also along with a stretchy leotard eighties style.
    Hope you are feeling better. We appreciate your daily posting and look forward to each description of your femenization.

  4. Hi Amber. I agree. The pantyhose under jeans would just be too hot, and under shorts they are 'completely visible.' I would think that under shorts would be the lesser of the two.

    I am sure everyone will want details of your meeting today with Jill, and it is good to know that you are open minded about the situation.

    As for exercising, is that a nordic track. I do enjoy your posts even though you think it is torture.

  5. The ahh-shit moment. Looking at picture of a pretty girl, thinking the male thought 'I'd do her' and realizing that the girl is you. I've been wondering about your shoes. How high are the heels that you've been wearing. Do the Ladies let you wear 2 or 3 inch pumps, or is it 4 inch heels only? Also, I'm thinking that if you can stop thinking about what you're doing as a mind f***, and just go with it, it might be easier in the long run. I know, easy to say sitting on the outside looking in. To tell you the truth, I can think of at least 3 other pics that you look pretty good in. The black top, white skirt, patterned hose and strappy sandals and the black dress belted at the waist with the red pumps are two. The best is the one being used at the top of the page, the pink satin cammi, demin mini, black heels and the pricess tiara. I know you don't really want to hear it, but you're looking pretty good as a girl. Really. LGB