Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Can Dance in Heels

Today was my high heel final exam. As it was billed to me, do a good job and we will not bug you about how you walk in heels anymore. My final was to do a dance to the song from Flashdance. Now, I've never seen the movie, but I've seen clips of the dance and I know I couldn't do half the things that she did and I had to do it in heels while she was barefoot. I impressed the girls enough with my dancing. This move on the chair was not part of the dance, but it was a pose they insisted I give them. The important thing is I'm done with heel practice. They were satisfied and now I can concentrate on makeup.

Questions I missed:
Carrie - Thanks for your comments on my makeup. They have mostly had me doing two looks--one for day and one for night.
Patty - As you can see, I've just dressed up outside, but I haven't come out to anybody nor do I intend to.
Brandy - I've been wearing Pink by Victoria Secret. Lip stain sounds like a real problem to take off.


  1. Hi Amber. Congratulations on passing the 'heels test.' I doubt I could do the box step in heels.

    Frankly the picture leaves no doubt as to the outcome of the test as you appear to be so beautiful and comfortable. Almost like you were born that way.

    As for makeup, good luck. It is a mystery art that women learn over many years, and rarely teach men. Who is going to instruct you in the 'fine art.'

  2. You should try dancing with a cute guy... it feels amazing to have his arms wrapped around you as you stare into his gorgeous eyes and feel him getting hard as he holds you close.... Just makes me so excited thinking about it...


  3. Of course by now, you've realised that heel practice was just that, practice. It just means you can wear heels, and from what the other girls went through, I'm guessing you'll be wearing them often. Because we only practice something so we can be good at it, not so we can stop doing it after we've learned how. I'm glad your trip to the store went well. Tell me, what was the worst part of the shopping trip, which part of it scared you the most? Just curious. LGB

  4. Congrats on passing your high heel exam; the Final sounds tough (did anyone film the entire routine?). At least it appears that you didn't finish with being doused with water, as happens in the movie. I guess you should be grateful that they didn't choose a more girly movie dance to reproduce, like something from "Showgirls" or "Coyote Ugly".

    Also, you said that the whole experience was a mindfuck, which is undoubtedly true, but it still sounds like you are doing the right thing. That is, you acknowledge that you screwed up badly (by stepping out on your woman), but now you are (rather bravely, if I do say so) facing the consequences of your mistake and paying your dues. That is the fair, responsible and---dare I say---manly thing to do. Good luck with the makeup.