Monday, June 14, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear Makeup

I failed the heels test so I got them again today. I also got a major spanking last night for my attitude. I know it sounds kind of cool to have your girlfriend spank you, but I got tied over a chair and one of her friends who is quite strong warmed me up. By the time Ms. Susan was smacking my behind there were tears rolling down my cheeks. I've been working on the heels all day and it's very disturbing to hear the click clack of my own heels, but it's not easy to pick up. I think I'm better than I was

CR - Thanks for sharing your friends story, but that's just too long. I hope she won't feel the need to have this thing go on for a whole month.

Anonymous - What sissy site was this blog on? I hope you were kidding. It would explain why so many people are visiting, but I'd be very furious. Yes, I am definitely fighting this where I can.

Anonymous - A google search showed me locking heels. Nasty things that I will fight against tooth and nail. What do you mean about bras though? It seems like they're easy enough to take off.

Anonymous - I don't excuse myself of blame, but I was setup. In court it'd be called entrapment. I do know I shouldn't have cheated though I never even had sex with this other girl.

Anonymous - I didn't enjoy the modeling, but I tolerated it. Lately, things have become much stricter though.

Anonymous - I do dress myself, but makeup is way beyond me. I think I'd poke my eye out. Most of the lipstick I've worn has been a pink gloss. I've only worn a few darker shades. They've played with my eyebrows a bit, but I wouldn't say they look girly. As for an outfit--I've been put in things designed to be extra feminine so I wouldn't say I have a favorite yet.


  1. Hi Amber. Believe it or not, some woman wrote a book on how to keep a man in bras. Here is the link albeit the girls will also see it.
    Chapter 5 is devoted to ways to make sure he wears his bra. Makes for interesting reading. Sometimes it pays not to be too curious.
    Sounds like your high heel practice is paying off.

  2. Amber -

    The more you fight it, the worse they will make it for you. Your only hope is to get into being girly, and demand that you do not look like a caricature of a woman if you have to go out in public. Once you do that, there is little they can do to embarrass you, as no one would believe you are not what you appear to be....


  3. Hi Amber, I love you blog. I so like how you start every post with "My Name Is Amber and I Wear..." I felt to sad reading how you were crying from your spanking. Do you think your Mistress is being too harsh? You look so wonderful in your pictures I think she sees something inside you and wants to help you find it. Are you at all worried that you will like what is happening? Were you a little proud as you learned to conquer heels and walk like a lady? I think you look wonderful. Will you show us more pictures of the dresses you have modeled? We would love to see you in them!

  4. Hey Tiger, Your girlfriend is crazy for dressing you up like that. She should know the effect that guys who aren't afraid of their feminine side have on some girls like me. You look hot with the long red hair and most of my friends would kill for legs as long as yours. Some guys are so uptight--give me a man who can be a girlfriend too and he will rock my world.

  5. Hi Amber. Out of curiosity, what is involved in a 'heels test.'