Monday, June 14, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Wear a Bra

Anonymous - That did not occur to me. I guess there are ways to make sure a bra isn't removed. It's weird wearing one. I can't believe some guys have to do it all the time.

MAM - Everybody tells me to get into being girly that it'll make things easier, but it's just very foreign from me and I don't think I can get into it.

Sissy Melissa - I'll keep posting pictures as long as it's required of me. The "My Name is Amber and I Wear..." titles are Ms. Susan's idea. I do think she is being too harsh and I'm hoping she will come to her senses soon.

Cindy - Wow! I've never met a woman that likes this sort of thing. I guess there's a turn on for everybody. The long red hair everybody likes is a wig. I'm a short haired brunette.


  1. Hi Amber! I love your black dress! It looks so slinky on you! BUt you didn't say anything about how it feels to have a bra on, what kind of bras you have to wear, which are most comfortable, what colors you like or don't like, if you think others see your bra under your shirt (or blouse) and more! We want to know all about you.

  2. Mmm, you look like you stepped right out of Madmen. I'd love to have a secretary like you. That belt gives you such delicious curves.

  3. Amber -

    Think of this as a challenge....

    You can either be destroyed by your fears, or conquer them. Being able to present yourself as a female has many assets. For one, people open doors for you. Second, they often volunteer heavy lifting.

    Now, you have an asset that genetic females don't - no matter what you end up being told to use, you are not on a monthly cycle. As a result, you can be more consistent in your presentation and judge your success at your presentation in the same light each day of the year.... You never have to worry about bloating, etc.... so you don't have to worry about having different sets of clothes for different times of the month....

    So buck up and try your best - it'll be a valuable learning experience.... When you understand the distaff gender, you'll have better relationships/friendships with both.


  4. Amber -

    I forgot one thing.... You don't have to be embarrassed wearing female clothes - 50% of the population does it every day, and once you get the knack of a female presentation, you'll feel just as comfortable in either mode of presentation. And you can have a lot more fun with choices in a female presentation than in a male presentation....


  5. Hi Amber, I wanted to let you know that your fame is spreading far and wide as I am a sissy living in the UK and I love reading all about your increasing femininity and looking at your increasingly sexy photos. Your updates make my day! I think that you would look really sexy in a maid's uniform and would like to know how much you want to wear one so that your can serve your Mistresses in the right outfit? Looking forward to your reply, sweety. Love sissy isobel xoxox

  6. Miss Susan's idea of starting each post with, "My Name is Amber and I Wear......" is a great idea. Although, this topic is about wearing bras, I must say that Miss Susan must be quite a trainer as the picture of you is beautiful, and you seem to carry yourself on the heels so naturally.

    Cindy is right. The belt does give you delicious curves.

  7. Amber, believe it or not, there are a lot of women out there like Cindy, who do enjoy men who are comfortable with becoming acquainted with their feminine side and enjoy cross dressing.

  8. Amber -

    Think of yourself as a lucky person....

    Most guys feel very uncomfortable near women's clothes and other "girly stuff". Once you get comfortable, you can have the experiences of a lifetime with a woman - as both of you can enjoy shopping. Think of it - when you hold a dress up to look at it, one of you can say to the other - it's more your style - and be comfortable wearing it....

    Heck - there are great advantages for cross dressers. No woman will ever hear - why does it take so long for you to dress, as you'll be doing the same things to be pretty. But you'll have to be careful not to outshine the lady at your side....