Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Name is Amber and I Paint My Toes

Not much going on here. I'm still in the doghouse and still trying to learn how to perfect my walk in heels. I painted my toes this morning so that they would look better with my open toes shoes. I'm trying very hard to wait Ms. Susan out. She wants to go shopping with me tonight--I'm not sure for what.


  1. Hi Amber. Clothes...toes..no matter. We understand that you are probably nervous about going shopping tonite with Miss Susan. For many of us it would be the experience of a lifetime. If you ever have a free moment, I would love to share with you my first experience of buying a really good wig. Scary at first, but in the final analysis, truly a lot of fun.

    I digress. I suspect that you know what you will be shopping for tonite. As a starter, if you just happen to end up in Victorias Secret as a first stop, I heartily recommend the bikini style panty in either Second Skin Satin or the Emma Collection. And, don't be embarassed with any of the sales clerks. Half of their sales are for men, and so even if they do 'spot you' they will be polite and professional. I hope you will approach the experience with an open mind.

  2. Ok, you got caught cheating. But you were set up. So I'm guessing it wasn't the first time. Maybe you were set up because She knows it wasn't the first time. As for 'any guy would have', I'd want to say not if you really cared for your girlfriend. So now you're in panties...and more. Have you thought about the fact that she must care enough to keep you around, as opposed to kicking you out on your ass? Roll with it, man up and be the girl she wants you to be for as long as she wants. Really, how bad can it be? Sure, you're outside your comfort zone, but so what? You'll get over it. Good Luck, keep your chin up, and if I were you, I wouldn't piss her or her friends off if I could help it. LB

  3. Kinda of hard to wear clothes that you have painted or do you mean your toes.

  4. Amber -

    If you really get into this, imagine how much fun you can have being one of the girls! Success might be when they consciously forget you were born with different genitalia, and allow you to be with them for "Jammie Parties", etc.... Only one problem though - you'll have a hard time not springing to attention and reminding them of who and what you are.....